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 Jobs to do in the August Garden


Normally a hot month - loads of plants die when you take a holiday - or simply take it easy. You can normally get decent sized bedding plant replacements at this time of year - at a reasonable price.

  • Dead-head roses, annuals, perennials - for a prolonged flowering period

  • Keep watering them, and feeding with liquid fertilizer.

  • Remove side flower buds from Dahlias and Chrysanthemums

  • Water and keep feeding hanging baskets/tubs daily

Border of mixed plants including Daffodils

Get to the garden centre before all of the choice Daffodils etc sell out






Last trim of hedges - especially beech, if you want to keep the winter foliage.

  • Sow some spring cabbage

  • Dry off your shallots and onions as the tops brown

  • Pinch out the tops of runner beans - it will increase the yield!

  • Pinch out the tops of tomato plants - remove lower leaves (In greenhouse)

  • Tayberries and loganberries can be increased by 'layering'

  • Summer prune your wisteria - this encourages flower spurs for next year

  • Look hard at your garden - does any area need to be re-planned?

  • Take cuttings of fuchsias and geraniums (pelargoniums)

  • If your Brussels Sprouts get top heavy, earth them up a little bit!

  • Watch out for birds eating your fruit crops - and do something about it.

  • Alpines can be propagated by cutting now - and seed; as soon as it is ripe

  • Most shrubs and climbers will benefit from a dressing of Sulphate of Potash now.

  • Get some more barbecue-ing in. It will soon be autumn!

Bet you can't wait until September, so that you can take it easy!

We'll see!

Flowering Plants for August

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