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Ornamental Grasses - Common Names

Ornamental garden grasses are wide ranging with many cultivars. It is always best to try and obtain with the proper botanical cultivar name.

However, even with the proper name, it is not always possible to get what you are really after because of the wide variations resulting from growing grasses from see (The easy way). A good supplier will have stock that is true from selected plants.

Life and gardening is not always simple, so to help, we give a list of the most-used common names. Again, common names vary from area to area, so always best to try and actually see the stock that you want, growing as mature plants.

This preamble about common names is not meant to be pessimistic, or denigrate growers. there are many good grass growers who specialise. Unfortunately - as with many things gardening - there are also others!

Bent - Agrostis

Black Grass - Ophiopogon planiscapus

Blue Fescue - Festuca glauca

Blue Oat Grass - Helictotrichon

Blue Sedge - Carex

Bush Grass - Calamagrostis

Chinese Plume Grass - Miscanthus

Corkscrew Rush - Juncus effusus 'Spiralis'

Dwarf Fountain Grass - Pennisetum

Elijah's Blue Fescue - Festuca glauca Elijah Blue

Fountain Grass - Pennisetum

Golden Dew Grass - Deschampsia cespitoa Goldtau

Korean Feather Reed Grass - Stipa brachytricha

Maiden Grass - Miscanthus

Pampas Grass - Cortaderia

Panic Grass - Panicum

Tufted Hair Grass - Deschampsia cespitosa

Japanese Silver Grass - Miscanthus

Whispering Grass -

Red Baron - Imperata cylindrica

Sedge - Carex

Squirrel Tail Grass - Hordeum

Golden Oats - Giant Oat -  Stipa gigantea

Blue Grass - Elymus hispidus

Beard grass

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