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 To advertise on the site you can pursue any of the following options.....

1/.Normal alphabetical listing - Free. Simply send us all contact details and business name as below.


  • We Need Your Business Name.
  • Your category of business - ie Tree surgeon, landscape gardener etc.
  • Your Full Trading Address including county or state.
  • Your contact details - incl email address if you wish.
  • No web urls.... We do NOT list your web site in this type of free listing.
  • A short description of your business.

NOT ALL CAPITALS and not all lower case

A typical example would be

ABC Landscape Gardeners - Kent
123, Green Avenue
Leafwood Green
Kent OM6 3BD
Tel: 01234 987643 - Mob: 00998 111222  Fax 00098 111333
All types of landscape work - but specialising in planting schemes.

We would be really pleased to have the information set out like that. If you omit any of it, or try to use these basic listings simply to try and get one over on your competitors, then we will not list you.
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