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Soil, Compost and Mulches in the Garden

Soil in its many forms and guises is the lifeblood of gardening and agriculture. It has many variations and substitutes together with a wide range of materials which can improve or adapt soil for us gardeners to enable us to grow plants in modified or substitute mediums which basic garden soil is not always suited to.

In the garden we have varied types of soil according to our own locale – much of which has to be improved as a result of the way we treat it. Intensive gardening and the growing of food crops in particular requires that we have to carry out replenishment of nutrients, or operations to improve the structure that we often destroy.

We use organic compost and all manner of mulches on the outdoor soil, together with using soil substitutes for potting and growing our plants. It is not the fault of the garden soil that we use substitutes or methods of improvement, for it is often put to uses that are far removed from the natural methods of growing in years past.

Digging soilIn this section we will highlight the many uses of soil and its substitutes, together with what we can do to ensure that the soil in our garden is treated in a proper manner.

Below are links for all types of mediums that are used for or in garden soils and various composts.

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