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How to Garden! Tips, Ideas and Advice about Gardening.

Everyone will have their own idea as to what a garden is, or should be. That’s what makes gardening a bit of a challenge on times. The right answer for one, is not always the right answer for others. A garden is normally an individual statement about you. It is more or less impossible to find two gardens that are identical. How then do we cover the subject - How to Garden?

The one thing that that is common to the vast majority of gardens is the fact that most have plants such as shrubs, perennials, bedding plants, fruit, vegetables or a lawn. There are exceptions, for some ‘gardens’ are totally devoid of plants, relying on all manner of other materials to form what can be called a garden.

Most plants have needs which are common to each other, but those needs are sometime unique to a certain plant or area of planting. A typical 'need' would be that of water for life. What suits water lilies does not suit cacti! Just a small illustration to show hove varied this section will be. How to do gardening, or how to garden will be fin - and frustrating - to write. Bear with me! (Editor)

Little girl watering a gardenFor this section, we will deal mainly with matters about gardens that in the main use plants as the main item of interest. These can either be planted in beds, borders, tubs, patio containers and can either be ornamental or vegetable; foliage or flower; shrubs or bedding; trees or window boxes; plants indoors or outdoors; hedges or lawns. All of which involve the planting and caring of plants assorted.

Out of that conglomerate of gardening subjects there are general tips that should be followed in order to make the sheer effort of gardening a worthwhile pastime.

It could be that you are starting from scratch with a barren plot that has never been worthy of the description – a garden. Or it may be that you have dived in with little idea or thought as to what end-product you want, or perhaps just need a refresher on what you should be doing to ensure that it does not go wrong again!

Putting right a wrong is not always easy in the garden. Far better to avoid the mistakes – either with a new garden or a new area of gardening with which you are not too familiar! But show me a gardener – or garden – where there have never been any mistakes. Most gardeners will have a wish at sometime, that they had done something a little different. That’s one of the great things about gardening – it keeps you on your toes!

I can say all the foregoing with a degree of confidence brought about by the daily contents of my mailbox which cover all the gardening subjects above – and many more as you will find out in this section as it gathers pace! 

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