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Lawns - Help Information and Advice

Look after your lawn and be the envy of your neighbours with the advice and information that we give you.

All aspects of lawn maintenance are dealt with on a seasonal basis, including advice on grass selection, weeds and control, information about pests and diseases of lawn and much more. Follow our maintenance schedule for a great lawn. And of course we take you through how to lay a turf lawn.

All of the lawn articles have been written by our editor, who has managed thousands of acres of grass areas ranging from highly ornamental lawns through lush bowling greens and tough wearing sports turf.

We also run a lawn advice service online

Your lawn will probably take up more time than the rest of your garden - in cutting alone. As a centre piece, it can either enhance your garden or be a disappointing eyesore. Yes it takes time - and work - but get it right and your lawn will set the canvas for the rest of your garden.

Most read lawn care articles are

The question of whether or not to water the lawn will become more of an issue over the next few years - for environmental and financial reasons. We discuss and advise.

Lawns are often - needlessly - rectangular. Rectangular lawns of course fit in well with formal gardens, but also hold quite an area of unused land that can be better used for planting in many instances. If you have a rectangular lawn, just think a little about how often you actually uses the corners! Corners are also a nuisance when mowing.

A well thought out and cared for lawn will do much to enhance the value of your home - maybe financially, but certainly aesthetically. As far as the garden itself is concerned, a lawn will act as a foil to bring out the best colours of your planting scheme, and be one of the fist things that visitors notice - even if subconsciously when visiting your home.

Maybe its time to re-think your lawn shape and put ideas into action bit by bit. There are not many easy changes that you can carry out which will have a marked effect upon your garden. Changing the shape of your lawn from rectangle to a curved lawn will do wonders in most cases.

In the UK the weather is generally an advantage - as far as lawns are concerned!  Add in a bit of expertise, and your lawn will be the tops. Watering is normally taken care of 'automatically' other than in the hottest months.  The same is not always true of the USA where some states have weather conditions that - whilst they are good for a healthy life - are not always the best for a healthy lawn. The problems here can be negated with the right choice of seed or sod.

Versatility of Lawns.

A good lawn will add so much to your home and garden environment.  It can simply be used as a foil for the garden borders or beds, as a recreation area for adults and kids alike. You don't have to get out in the car to have a picnic. Spread a sheet on the lawn, and the rest happens!

Lawns are good exercise - and most of us need that! As a games area, or simply the act of mowing and certainly scarifying, it is guaranteed to shed off the pounds during a season - providing you don't do other things to excess.

A lawn will also serve as a first or second home for family pets - not to mention the kids on a sunny day, or after an exciting football match on the TV!

In short, the lawn can be what you want it to be. We all have our own uses and ideas about what a lawn should be. The only thing you have to remember, is that your lawn will need care and maintenance to give you an ideal area of grass for whatever use you put it to. Lawn Aeration is one aspect of lawn care often overlooked. Yet it is so important to the wellbeing of the lawn - especially if it is a well used lawn.

Starting from scratch - building a new law - don't just level some ground, order and lay the turf, and then think about what uses you are going to put your grass lawn to. Think it out properly, and plan for the lawn that you actually want. Be aware of the different maintenance regimes and equipment that will be required for different types and uses of lawns. Neglect is not an option if you want a functional lawn. get it right at the start, and you will be prepared for the inevitable work that it required with your patch of grass. If you are not prepared for this, then gravel, paving or decking are the other options. Is that what you really want?

All of our lawns advice pages are written with you in mind. We will do all we can to help you get the best from your lawn, and even show you how to rectify many of the problems that are associated with having a good lawn.

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