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Top 10 Gardening Favourites. 

Everyone has their own particular favourites - and we are no exception!

We list our top ten gardening favourites. You can help us to maintain this section by having a say on what you think should be included! After all, the information is for you!

The plants and things listed are simply our preference - at the time. Things and preferences change regularly in the garden -  People have different perceptions of what is 'best'!

We are not saying that these are 'must-haves'. It is simply a section about the plants and gardening 'things' that we have found to be dependable over many years. There are many new varieties of plants available every year. They need time to be assessed in normal garden situations. So basically, it is a list of old favourites!

So - let us know if you feel that you have a better suggestion (or two) for any of our top ten lists. 

Vitis cognetiae is a great climbing plant for autumn colour
Vitis coignetiae
A great Top 10 from our best Climbing plants
Climbing plants are a good option for increasing the plant population in the garden without taking up too much extra ground space. They are essential for any ideas you may have about trying Vertical Gardening.

Matteuccia struthipteris - better known as a shuttlecock fernMatteuccia struthiopteris
One of our top ten Hardy Ferns.
You do not need a dark damp garden to plant a few ferns - though shade certainly help in most cases - and who doesn't have a shady spot somewhere? We are lucky enough to have one of the UK's top Fern expert to have written this list for us.
Best 10 Ferns for Shade Garden
Not all ferns are good for shade - but many are.

Verbena hastata - A good medium to large perennial.

One of our top ten favourite Perennials.
I will be the first to admit that Perennials needs to be updated on this site. I WILL get round to it by December 2013 (That's how busy I am) so that it will be ready for those who want and end to Christmas holiday, and a good start to gardening! - Here's a list of some of the best perennials.

Peacock Butterfly on Butterfly Bush
Best ten favourite plants for attracting Butterflies
We are all starting to get interested in wildlife in the garden. Butterflies have a bad name because of the caterpillars that are their offspring. Lose the odd plant leaf - or lose butterflies.
Let's plant an extra plant or two.
Don't forget that the caterpillars are part of the food chain for many beneficial visitors - birds and frogs included!

Viburnum x bodnantense 'Charles Lamont'

Best Ten Flowering Shrubs for Winter. One of the most difficult of the 'Best Ten' selections.
 So many beautiful flowering shrubs that insist on showing off in the depth of winter - thankfully!

Scarlet climbing rose bush 

Best climbing Roses Roses are still one of the favourite garden plant - and no wonder with that show of striking colours in the summer. Choice of climbing roses not always easy. We give you our best ideas.

Climbing Roses and Rambling roses are often confused. They are similar - but so different!

Clematis Armandii - white fllowers

Clematis cartmanii Avalanche - One of our Best Ten Evergreen Climbing Plants - Always in the favourites list.
Many think that Clematis are hard to grow. They have a few quirks - don't we all.
 This is best how to care for clematis. Plant them in the right place, read about how to care for them and simply enjoy your evergreen or deciduous climbing clematis

Always a big 'Oooo' factor with clematis

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