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Bedding Plants - What are they and how to use them? 

A Bedding Plant is a flowering plant that is used in the garden to give a few months’ display of colour. It can be planted in a flower bed, a border or even a container/hanging basket.

Most bedding plants are used for either summer or spring flowering. Some, such as Pansies, will give a bit of colour through the winter as well.

Bedding plants can be used between existing mature plants such as shrubs and Perennials. Bedding Plants are normally take out after flowering and either composted or put in the rubbish bin.

Most of the colour in most gardens comes from bedding plants, and include marigolds, geraniums, fuchsias, petunias, busy lizzies, alyssum and lobelia. 

Bedding Plants - PetuniasA fine show of petunia bedding plants.

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