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Clematis florida Seiboldii  

Clematis florida Seiboldii is not a very vigorous growing climber so may suit a patio pot, or smaller trellis section - though not vigorous for as a screening plant.

It is very 'sought-after' because of its unusual blooms and is sometimes mistake for the Passion Flower which has a somewhat similar flower configuration.

White flowers but with tinges of purple and as can be seen in the image, a showy central area which sets it aside from most other clematis. It bears single rather than double flowers.  

  As with the majority of Clematis, it is best grown with roots in the shade, and being allowed to grow up into the sun.

Masses of white flowers with bright purple stamens. very floriferous once established. Early or mid summer flowering. Normally fully hardy, but mulch root zone around this clematis in autumn.

A beautiful clematis - seiboldii. Group of flowersClematis florida Seiboldii is deciduous in the UK but can be evergreen in warmer areas.

Its weak habit of growth can be either a plus or minus, depending upon what you are after!

Flowering period is normally mid summer, but will persist into the autumn with second flush of flowers if grown well. With that in mind, it has a longer flowering period than many other Clematis.

Container Growing

Clematis Seiboldii is particularly suited to growing in container - being not too robust a grower. It will also be suited to growing as a sprawling semi-shrub over a low tree trunk or smaller shrub.

A mixture of peat-based potting compost and good garden soil will suit, with a topping up mulch in late autumn.

Keep the container out of the direct sun, as the heated soil will eventually weaken if not kill the plant. Pot in shade, with growth up to sunshine is perfect.

It will only require a light trellis or support - rarely reaching more that 5ft - 1.5m in the year.


After flowering has finished, prune to plant back to a strong set of buds which have already sprouted new growth - this is best carried out in early spring to avoid winter damage to new shoots.

Pests, Diseases and Problems

Clematis florida 'Seiboldii' is relatively free of pests - other than greenfly aphids which like the young growth buds.

Clematis wilt may be a problem - as with all Clematis. This can be averted by good cultural practice, and also to a certain extent it seems by a regular topping up of mulch around the base of the plant.

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