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Climbers Plant Names List | Garden Creepers Alphabetical

The following list of climbing plant names are of true climbers that will climb any suitable structure by various means. It does not include those plants which do not actually physically climb, but simply lean against a wall or fence. Wall shrubs and climber plants are different though they may sometimes be used with modification for the same purpose.

The climbing plants in this list will be able to either modify parts of their leaves or stems to hold and support the climber upwards through trellis, fencing or pergola. Others will have the ability to produce adventitious roots along part of their stems which are capable of clinging to walls. Yet others will have modified stems of leaves that have tendrils which twine around supports.

Climbing or rambling roses are not true climbers in respect of any of the above modifications, but have suitable thorns which are used to clamber up supports. They are included in this list because some are able to clamber up through trees or pergolas unaided once they have gained initial support.

A-Z List of Climbers

The method of climbing is outlined for every climbing plant in the list, together with basic information about flowers; preferred planting positions; evergreen or deciduous and any other basic information pertinent to individual plants.

Most of the climbers in the list are hardy perennial plants which are also true climbers, though annuals or short lived plants are also included to make this a useful memory-jogger when assessing whether or not to include a climbing plant in your plan.

A Listing of Climbing Plant Varieties

Climbers which are suitable for planting in temperate climates. Main features include height which will be determined by support. If they cannot grow up; they will grow across!

  • Actinidia (A. kolomikta; A. delicioso Kiwi Fruit)
    A. kolomikta has twining stems; hardy if sheltered position; deciduous; foliage colour pink variegation; scented flowers; 4-5m.
  • Akebia Chocolate Vine.
    Akebia quinata Chocolate Vine has twining stems; hardy; semi-evergreen; attractive foliage; chocolate coloured flowers; slightly fragrant with tinge of spice. 5-6m.
  • Ampelopsis A. brevipedunculata (Others listed under Vitis)
    A. brevipedunculata has woody stems and clambers rather than twines; hardy; attractive foliage; deciduous with good autumn colour; green flowers insignificant; pink turning blue fruit; vigorous to 10m.
  • Aristolchia Dutchmans Pipe.
    A. macrophylla Twining plant; heart shaped leaves; interesting flowers - normally hidden by foliage; hardy with shelter; strong growing; to 6m.
  • Campsis Trumpet Vine or trumpet Creeper
    C. radicans climbs by way of stem aerial roots clinging to support. Very vigorous; deciduous pinnate leaves; orange to red flowers; Hardy; 10m. needs sun for good flowering
  • Clematis - Spoilt for choice but…..C. montana Rubra and evergreen C. armandii excel as climbers. Twining leaves grip anything.
    C. Montana small pink flowers early summer; deciduous; vigorous; hardy; sun or part shade; 10m.
    C. armandii is evergreen; white flowers winter; attractive dark green palmate foliage all year; sun or shade; hardy. 10m: Clematis
  • Cobaea Cathedral Bells Cup and Saucer Climber Plant.
    C. scandens Woody evergreen climber that climbs by way of hooked tendrils; perennial but grow as annual; non hardy; unusual blue and cream bell flowers with saucer appendage; warm position in sun; good for pergola; 4-5m in one year.
  • Eccremocarpus Chilean Glory Flower.
    E. scaber; twining leaves; evergreen in warm areas; prefers sun; dazzling orange trumpet flowers in masses; attractive foliage; seeds itself; best grown as annual in most areas; dainty; 2-3m in season.
  • Euonymus fortunei - Emerald Gold; Emerald Gaiety
    E. fortunei normal as evergreen ground cover but will climb fence or wall with clinging aerial roots; variegated evergreen foliage; sun or shade; flowers insignificant; hardy; slow but sure; best on fence or wall; 50cm per year when established.
  • Hedera Ivy
    Hedera has so many attributes as a climber in the right place. Evergreen; self-climbing by aerial roots; foliage colours various; hardy; easy to grow; sun or shade; slow start; can be invasive; structure damage if planted in wrong situation; complete cover; 3-4m eventually.
  • Humulus - Golden Hops.
    H. lupulus Aureus - twining stems; herbaceous perennial; sun or shade; golden foliage; flowers can be dried for indoor decoration; ; lax, open habit; striking if roaming through evergreen shrubs; trellis wires or pergola; 3-4m each year before dying back.
  • Hydrangea petiolaris Climbing Hydrangea
    Best self-clinging climber for north walls; aerial roots; woody stems; deciduous; fully hardy; cream white flowers; slow starter then to 8-10m.
  • Ipomoea Morning Glory and Spanish Flag.
    I. tricolor for striking blue bell funnel flowers; twining growth; annual outdoors; needs sun to flower well; non-invasive and dies each autumn; container or open ground; sow each spring; 2m.
    I. lobata (Mina lobata) Unusual flowers; interesting flower colour - bright gold/orange/red; non invasive; perennial but grow as annual; non hardy; container od open ground; full sun; later flowering good autumn and late summer colour; 2-3m before dying back.
  • Jasminum List of Jasmine Varieties - Winter and Summer Jasmine (Winter Jasmine NOT climber but wall shrub)
    J. officinale ( pruning) with green, variegated or gold forms; twining stems; hardy; sweet-scented white flowers; attractive foliage; deciduous; sun or dappled shade; any soil; container or open ground; 4-6m+.
  • Lathyrus Everlasting Sweet Pea | Lathyrus odoratus Garden sweet pea.
    Lathyrus grandiflorus Everlasting sweet pea; herbaceous perennial; leaf tendrils; pink and purple shades of flowers; hardy; sunny position; 1.5-2m in year then die back:
    Lathyrus latifolius as above but denser clusters of flowers; more vigorous:
    Lathyrus odoratus beloved garden sweet pea rarely grown as a climber per se; suitable as an annual climber; self supporting on nets and twigs by leaf tendrils; wide range of colours from midsummer; 2-3m in one year, then die off:
  • Lapageria Chilean Bellflower
    Lapageria rosea barely frost hardy; protect in winter; twining climbing stems and suckers; evergreen; deep rose pink tubular bell pendant flowers; spectacular if you can grow; sunny position; rich soil. 2-3m:
  • Lonicera Honeysuckle Evergreen | Late flowering | Early flowering.
    Lonicera japonica Halliana popular evergreen; twining stems; pale yellow flowers for long period; scented; hardy; sun or shade; 3m+:
    Lonicera periclymenum many cultivars; deciduous; sweet scent mainly; Serotina, Graham Thomas, Belgica all dependable; 3m+
    Many others to choose from all sun or part shade; hardy and self climbing.
  • Parthenocissus Virginia Creeper Boston Ivy..
    P. quinquefolia (and others) deciduous with brilliant autumn colour; tendrils; large 5-lobed leaves; insignificant flowers; good cover; sun or shade; up through trees; fence, pergola; vigorous; hardy; 5-8m:
    P. tricuspidata as above, large 3-lobed leaves; red/purple autumn colour; 10m+.
  • Passiflora Passion Flowers
    Passiflora caerulea blue flowers summer- and others; unusual; sunny position; hardy in sheltered areas; tendrils; evergreen; attractive foliage; non-scented; orange colour fruits; 5m+ when established:
  • Pileostegia Climbing Hydrangea
    Pileostegia viburnoides Related to Hydrangea but many differences; Evergreen being one such difference: clinging aerial roots for walls etc; sun or shade; dark green foliage; cream white flower clusters late summer autumn; hardy in all but coldest areas; 4-6m:
  • Rhodochiton
    Rhodochiton atrosanguineus Twining leaf talks; non-hardy; needs full sun or shelter; pendulous purple flowers; unusual; 2-3m before dying back at frosts:
  • Rosa Climbers and Ramblers.
    Climbing and Rambling roses, are not climbers in accepted sense, though some have modified thorns to allow them to clamber up through other plants and supports; deciduous; need training to start at least; many to choose from in wide range of flowers; full sun or partial shade; many uses; 4-8m.
  • Schizophragma (S. integrifolium; S. hydrangeoides)
    Schizophragma integrifolium The showiest of the two mentioned; deciduous; spectacular white flower bracts to 4in long; aerial roots along woody stem; large dark leaves; 8-10m:
  • Schisandra rubriflora - Deep scarlet drooping flowers. Should be grown more often. Twining Climber.
  • Solanum Potato Vine - S. jasminoides and S. crispum. Solanum jasminoides Album Best white Solanum crispum Glasnevin Best blue Semi to fully evergreen; scrambling rather than climbing, but needs to go up; perfect on pergola; vigorous but prune evey year; dark foliage; large flower clusters summer through to autumn; 4-6m: Solanum
  • Trachelospermum Confederate Jasmine or Star Jasmine.
    Trachelospermum jasminoides Must have white flowered evergreen twining climber vine; full sun or dappled shade; deeply scented flowers; neat habit; protect from cold winds; container or open ground; flowers mid-summer through until autumn; 5-7m.
  • Tropaeolum Climbing Nasturtiums | T. speciosum Scarlet Flame Creeper (perennial) - T. pereIgrinum Canary Creeper (Annual)
    Tropaeolum speciosum spectacular red flowers in summer early autumn; slender stems which need a start into a shrub or trellis; dainty; brilliant up through resting rhododendrons, giving extended interest; 2-3m:
    Tropaeolum peregrinum bright yellow flowers; annual for yearly sowing; 3m in growing season before die off; full sun or part shade; good container or temporary covering plant:

Vitis vinifera Purpurea foliage and fruit

  • Vitis Grape Vine. Several ornamental types notably V.coignetiae and V.vinifera Purpurea:
    Vitis coignetiae Deciduous twining climber vine; woody stems tendrils; stunning range of autumn colours from large downy, felted leaves; grow through trees and conifers; fence; pergola; hardy; vigorous; sun or dappled shade; any soil; open ground not container; attractive foliage in summer - real stunner in autumn; 10-12m:
    Vitis vinifera Purpurea Purple foliage grape vine; tendrils; deep red leaves in summer; deep purple in autumn; non-edible grapes; hardy; sun or dappled shade; 5-6m:
  • Wisteria Several to choose from blue, white or pink.
    W. sinensis and W. floribunda types good choices; deciduous pinnate leaves; twining woody stems; robust, need good support; grow through trees; hardy; sun or dapples shade; long lived; pendulous racemes of masses of pea flowers; pruning regime important; 6-10m:
  • Runner Beans Why not? Runner Beans are as attractive and robust as many of the annual climbers mentioned here and you get to eat the end product. Many flower colours, but scarlet the showiest; grow on frame or trellis or wires; container or open ground; sunny position; annual but save seed; flowers summer until early autumn:
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