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'Decked' in a Day' - (We show you the way) 

Building a simple garden deck patio in a day.  There was a problem area in a back yard/patio. A major problem being, that there was no obvious drainage outlet for any paved area that could have been laid on top of the old concrete yard, and all of the materials had to come through the house - messy.

The provision of a basic deck, with the decking raised on 4in joists, solved the problem. The surface water on the basic concrete patio was able to find its way under the deck to the drain it had always used.

The decking patio was built in a day; though the material were all to hand - thanks to an efficient delivery service from Travis Perkins.

All of the materials for this were bought from Travis Perkins - Deck boards, 4x2in (100x50mm) tanalised bearers, exterior screws and decking screws. (This is all that was required)

This is obviously not one of the magnificent decks that you see in life style magazines, but if fulfills a purpose and makes an ugly patio a place to be able to actually do things.

It is a free standing patio deck which could give rise to rattle as the joist underneath start to warp and bend. But it will have enough pots, pans and other gardening items to weigh it down, so no need for drilling into the concrete below to bolt in fixings.

Follow the project through.

The problem!

A typical scenaria when deciding for deck or patio.

The answer! The finished deck is shown on the next pages - and how to go about covering an unsightly concrete slab!
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A basic deck proves the right solution.

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