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Herbs A-Z Listing of Herbs and Articles

This listing will take you to the various herbs with growing advice, and cultural methods. Herbs are rather chaotic in that they have many names - depending upon location and the generation gap. Some of the herb nurseries do not help matters - or their sales - by adding to the confusion.

There is nothing more satisifing than growing your own herbs for cooking, especially as they do not take up much room or looking after. Additionally you will save quite alot of money, supermarket herbs are getting quite expensive.

If you are growing herbs for medicinal or health reason, it is absolutely imperative that you get the name right! For instance, Sage is not simple Sage. It is a member of the very wide ranging Salvia family - some of which can be used for medicinal purposes - some most certainly cannot! Likewise with Geranium! There are hundreds of different Geraniums available - not all are herbs!

We will do all we can in this section of the site to make you aware of the importance of 'Names' but you MUST check and be aware of the herb that you are buying, or have growing in your garden.

Be aware that there are many 'peripheral' entities jumping on the bandwagon of herbalism. It is not really regulated, so take care at all times.

Common Names of Herbs

Herb Listings


  • Alfalfa - Usually grown as a 'sprouting' salad type plant, but has several herbal uses.
  • Aloe Vera - I can personally vouch for the healing properties of Aloe Vera Gel insofar as radiotherapy burns are concerned. Very versatile herb, sold as gel, cream, lotion or drink.
  • Angelica Archangelica - Used for candy-type sweets, but also has herbal qualities.


  • Basil Herb and Basil Spice - Not the easiest of herbs to keep outside, but once established grows well. Used in Mediterranean and Asian cooing recipes.
  • Bay Leaf Tree - Not only a decorative tree, but has good cooking uses - especially for Mediterranean dishes. It also has several somewhat obscure herbal uses. The latter not widely known because of its main use is for cooking.
  • Black Pepper - Piper Nigrum - Culinary and herbal remedies, but takes time to grow. Can be bought quite easily!


  • Calendula - Old fashioned English Marigold which was used to cure earache in my childhood days! A wide ranging herb, which is undergoing investigation for its full range of qualities.
  • Caraway - Easy to grow, the seeds are well used in cooking recipes and also herbal remedies.
  • Chervil - Aniseed smell, and well used for cooking and medicinal purposes.
  • Chives - An all year round alternative to salad onions. Easy to grow, and can be potted for winter use.
  • Cloves -Cloves are essentially grown in the tropic. Has uses in cooking and medicinal herbal properties.
  • Coriander - A wide rage of uses as a medicinal herb and as a spice for cooking.


  • Dill - Medicinal and culinary uses for the Aniseed flavoured easy-to-grow herb. It's quite attractive as well!


  • Elderflower - Elderberry - First thoughts are of an invasive shrubby weed, but then think of Elderberry wine, or Elderberry champagne! Medicinal and culinary uses abound.



  • Garlic - So many claims for this pungent herb. Great in cooking, and has many many medicinal properties.
  • Geranium robertianum - Herb Robert - Attractive Cranesbill which has been used for its medicinal and homeopathic qualities.
  • Ginseng - Many different types, and claims for this root herb. Must have a good PR marketing team!


  • Horseradish - I just LOVE horseradish sauce - even though I do not often eat beef. It can also be used to zap a few invasive bacteria - especially in the stomach!





  • Lemon Balm - Attractive plant, which also makes a nice herbal tea. Wide range of herbal uses, and has attractive citrus smell to crushed foliage.




  • Oregano - Origanum has many culinary - and herbal - uses. It is also an attractive herb plant.


  • Parsley - Flat and Curly leaved Parsley. I am biased. I cannot stand parsley sauce. I am the loser I think!



  • Rosemary - I used to love the smell of Rosemary, but gradually sickened of it after growing several thousand each year in a nursery. It is still one of my all-time favourite herbs as a plant!


  • Sage - There are sages and there are sages. Careful choice required. All are attractive as plants, and some are good for cooking, others are for herbal medicinal use.
  • Star Anise - very fragrant herb with wide range of cooking and herbal uses to explore.


  • Tarragon - Tarragon deserves to be better known as a medicinal and culinary herb.
  • Thyme - Wide range of thymes as ground huggers or low growing plants for front of beds and borders. It also has a wide range of claims as a medicinal herb, and a wide range of uses as a cooking herb.




  • Winter Savory - Invaluable for the winter chef, and has many uuses for the herbalist. Another easy-to-grow member of the Labiatae family - with added insecticidal properties or claims.





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