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Your Top Gardening Tips.

On this page, we feature Top Tips and Handy Hints from our visitors. If you have a 'Top Tip' to share, simply click on the image below with your mouse. Send us your tip, and see your name in print.

We had our say earlier on in our own Gardening Tips Page, which covers the basic do's and don'ts of general gardening, but here we welcome your own little details which have mode your own bit of gardening, that bit easier or more enjoyable.

It is your page, so it's only right that it should be your suggestions and tips. We don't know everything, and in any case all gardens - and gardeners - are different!

You can click the email link below and let us have your suggestion or tip for easy gardening.

Top Tips Email button Plant Ties from old tapes!
To save on expensive plant ties for smaller plants use an old cassette tape or video tape. Use the case or video spindle as the dispenser. They will not rot, and are relative strong for the job AND FREE (well after you've destroyed them through over use in the player). Make sure you cut them away and throw the ties in the bin next spring as the tape is very fine and tends to crop up for months after if you don't. Good for veg,  peas, beans and herbaceous borders when used with canes.
Dave R Stourbridge, west Mids.

  • Zap the Ants
    Whilst ants are not a pest and do some benefit in the garden. Most people do not like a ant setting up house under their patio or in their lawn. A sure fire way to get rid of them is mix a small bottle of clove oil (from the chemist) in a large watering can with a rose sprinkler. Quickly water this over the area the ants have set up home ........ and stand back! First you will see the flying ants leaving the nest in droves, the soldier ants will follow them on foot. Tried tested and never failed. Ian, Newcastle
  • Old Loo Rolls!
    Plant certain seeds in old toilet rolls .... easier to transplant...but wet it well and bury well when setting out , to be sure cardboard rots... I did runner beans this year...great
     GoonerGal 31st Aug 2002
  • Coffee??
    Having trouble controlling slugs? Try spreading coffee granules around the base of the plant. This is a sure way of getting rid of the pain.
     Shaun Darker. 2nd Aug 2002
  • Ooops!
    Do not attempt to sow fine seeds when you have a cold.......!
     'Greywitch' - Wales
  • Waste not Want not!
    Don't burn your winter prunings! Longer branches are excellent for clematis/ pea/ sweet pea supports whilst shorter, twiggier bits pushed into your borders will shore up annual and perennial flowers through the wettest, windiest squall - and no need to tie in either!  I used a lot of apple wood this year and was amazed to see pink blossom bursting from wood cut some five months previous....
    'Greywitch' - Wales
  • Stockings???
    Old discarded stockings (!) cut into strips make great ties for trees and shrubs, as the stretch in the material will not damage stems plus it's free!!!!
    Zena Lincoln

Kids Gardening

  • Runner Beans
    Place some blotting paper in a jam-jar - rolled up so paper touches side of glass.  Add water,  then place runner bean seed between glass and paper. Keep moist and watch the children's face light up when shoots and roots appear .Pot up into compost and plant out in the garden - or a larger pot -  when frost has passed.
     Z. Aisthorpe Lincoln
  • A Good Scrub
    Clean an old patio, by brushing a slurry made from sharp sand and water gently back and forth. Watch the old grime come off - but be prepared for what might be underneath! Ed.
  • New Life for an old rose
    Rejuvenate old climber roses that have lots of top and no bottom! With a sharp handyman's knife, carefully cut 2 parallel cuts - about 3mm (1/8in) apart - above a low dormant bud in the old basal wood. The cuts should be no longer than 1cm (1/2in). Prize out the old bark from between the cuts. This will force the dormant bud into growth after a few weeks, sending up a new shoot from low down on your plant. I have also used this trick to send a shoot in the direction required. (Carry out in spring or the growing season). Ed
  • To mark out new beds and borders, use a hosepipe to 'lay out' your design. If you fill the hose with water, then it will more easily form nice sweeping curves. You can then alter the shape of your bed or border until you are happy with it.
    Janet Watkins (Mrs.) Burham, Kent 
  • Sand for Seeds
    Seed Sowing  When sowing tiny seeds mix a little silver sand (DRY!) in with the seeds so you don't sow them to thick it also makes tiny seeds easy to sow. 

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