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Aeschynanthus lobbianus - Lipstick Plant Vine  Care

How to care and look after the Lipstick Vine

Though often referred to as a vine, the Lipstick plant is not a natural climber, but more of a trailing plant. The best show indoors is when suspended from high in a hanging pot. This way the flowers can be seen more effectively.

They can also be persuaded to grow up a small trellis - but will need tying in to do so. Its natural habit is 'floppy'!

The Plant: Pouting scarlet flowers amidst bronze-green fleshy leaves, an epiphytic plant from South-East Asia including the Indonesian Islands. The flower buds are the source of the common name - Lipstick Plant.

Care of Lipstick Plant -Aeschynanthus lobbianus

Aeschyanthus needs good filtered light, but not in direct sun shine. Good light is necessary for flowering for it will rarely flower well if grown in a darker position of the room. Well-draining, loose open compost, regular watering, warmth and high humidity is essential.

The Lipstick Plant indoors - aptly named
Feed through the growing season, but reduce watering in winter. Avoid winter chill. Remove dead flowers. Trim stems to tidy plant in spring or autumn. .

Good for bright cheerful colour, can trail from hanging baskets or be trained to climb up short wire frame.

Problems with Lipstick Plant

Check for aphids on the younger growing part in particular. If the plant seems generally jaded, then close inspection of the stem and leaf joints for mealybug, and under the leaves for scale insect.

Propagation of Lipstick Plant Vines

Easy to take softwood cuttings in spring and semi ripe cuttings later in the year. Can also be rooted by layering methods. 


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