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 Billbergia nutans - Queen’s Tears 

The Plant:  A bromeliad, forming a tight rosette of pale green, strap-like leaves, from which arises a slender spike bearing deep pink/red bracts issuing a cascade of small green and purple flowers.

Its needs: Billbergia enjoys strong light with free air circulation.  Pot in a sandy mix, where possible adding bark chips or charcoal to increase drainage. 

 Care:  In hot dry conditions the leaves may turn brown, mist spray leaves to reduce this. Avoid any sudden drop in temperature.  The rosette of leaves forms a central reservoir, which should constantly contain waterFeed every 10-14 days following with a good soaking.

BGillbergia as indoor plantAs the plant grows, it will produce new plantlets growing at base of main plant.  These can be cut away and potted up in a coarse sandy mix.  Susceptible to Scale pest on underside of leaves.  Treat with insecticide.

 Good for:  Easy to grow, very popular.


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