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Parodia - Spherical Cacti 

The plant: Round-bodied cacti, often ribbed and well-covered with spines. These grow up to 10 cm in diameter, and sometimes elongate to a more cylindrical form, or become flattened with age. Two to mention are P. aureispina, which has a covering of white and golden spines, and produces yellow flowers in springtime; Also, P. chrysacanthion, a slightly flatter bodied cactus, bearing bristle-like spines and yellow flowers.

Its needs: These Parodia enjoy a situation affording full sun and dry air. A cool winter temperature, no lower that 7C is required to promote flowering. A cactus compost mix is important, but these are slow-growing cacti so you will not need to rush into re-potting for several years.

One of many cacti suitable as indoor plantCare: Water, using rainwater if possible, but only apply sparingly through spring to autumn, and reduce this to almost nothing over winter. A cactus food can be added occasionally in summer.

Parodia nivosus

Good for: Cacti either appeal to you or do not. These are quite cute when grown in matching terracotta pots topped with gravel or sand and stood on a sunny windowsill. Minimal maintenance, no holiday care required.

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