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Dizygotheca elegantissima - False Aralia 

The plant: A very different houseplant! The Dizygotheca has a tall, slim central stem with branches sprouting off the top. The leaves are extremely narrow, darkest green almost black, with jagged margins. This gives the False aralia an overall appearance of a small, delicate tree.

Its needs: Good light even a little morning sun tolerated. Dizygotheca thrives in warm conditions but does not cope with sudden temperature changes. Ensure the plant is potted in a well-draining rich organic mix.

Care: The False aralia does not enjoy being waterlogged but does require generous watering in the growing season! Try to ensure that the plant does not stand in water. Reduce water in winter. Watch for scale pest, mealy bug, red spider mite. Trim top foliage if plant becomes straggly.

Dizygotheca elegantissima indoor plantGood for: A really different, minimalist houseplant. The Dizygotheca can best be described as Elegant -  resembling a small delicate tree. Ideal stand-alone plant.

Can also be used as a hardy shrub in milder areas! Quite hardy.


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