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Lobivia - Echinopsis - Cacti species How to look after. 

Echinopsis Cactus.  Cacti species
The Plant: Lobivia densispina (also known as Echinopsis keuhnrichii), a columnar cactus with a dense covering of spines, occasionally produces arm-like branches.

 Flowers are funnel-like and wide.
Lobivia famatimensis (also called Rebutia famatimensis), Another cylindrical-bodied cactus with pale yellow spines on its 20 ribs, occasionally flowers briefly in early summer.

Lobivia hertrichiana, a more globular or spherical cactus with 11 ribs and, again, yellow spines, occasional red flowers early summer.

Its needs: Cacti need to be kept cool in winter, e.g. 5 – 8 C, but must be above freezing. This encourages flowering. Dry air advisable and good light which may include some direct sun. 

Echinopsis obrepanda

Echinopsis cacti for indoor careCare: Do not water in winter, only water sparingly in spring and autumn, but a little more generously during summer months, if possible use rain water, a rare dose of weak cactus feed can be given in summer. Young plants and offsets can be potted on in spring.

Good for: Ideal very low maintenance plants. People tend either to like cacti or not. Be aware that children will inevitably touch the spines and find them exceedingly sharp! (Cacti can also ‘snag’ net curtains!)

Watch out for: Mealybug aphids can get in between the spines and cause problems with this group of cacti.


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