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Maranta - The Prayer Plant. How to care  

 Marantas are grown in many countries as indoor houseplants. Here in the image, they are seen as a colourful ground cover plant outdoors in Thailand - all year round

Maranta sp - Prayer Plant

The Plant: A small group of foliage plants originating from South America.

 They are sold under several differing names, the three most popular being Maranta leuconeura erythroneura, (also known as M. erythrophylla, or M. tricolour), and Maranta leuconeura kerchoveana, and Maranta bicolour.

Maranta - the Prayer PlantMaranta leuconeura erythroneura has beautifully marked foliage, the large ovate leaves being dark green with a central bright green-yellow midrib and stunning red veining, this is a tuberous plant grown for its foliage colour.

M. leuconeura kerchoveana is similar but with brownish blotches which turn green as the leaves mature.
Maranta bicolour has larger, more rounded, oval leaves which are neatly marked with 5 –8 brown blotches along the length of the leaf. Occasionally small white flowers are borne, but again this plant is mainly favoured for its attractive foliage.

Its Needs: High humidity required all year round and temperatures no lower than 10C. Good light is required, especially during winter months, but avoid direct summer sun.

Care: Water the Prayer Plant regularly, using rainwater if possible, throughout spring and summer. Reduce water to a minimum in winter. Feed regularly through the summer months. Marantas can be divided and re-potted every couple of years if necessary.

Good for: Maranta sp. Make stunning foliage plants and are very easy to maintain.


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