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Philodendron houseplants - care advice and information

The heart leaf of the philodendron

The Plants: A group of robust climbers and evergreen shrubs originating from the rainforests of Central and South America. Some of the climbers are relatively slow-growing but may eventually reach ceiling height, other Philodendrons may have an expansive spreading growth habit.

Philodendron bipinnatifidum (P. selloum) The Lacy Tree Philodendron

Grown for its beautiful foliage, the Lacy tree Philodendron has large, Maple-like leaves with cut-work edges which gives the lacy appearance.

Its needs: Good light with some morning sun and warm humid growing conditions. A rich organic and soil-based compost.

Care: Water generously from spring through to autumn, but reduce watering over winter. Mist the foliage in hot weather. Cut back main stems to promote bushier growth.

Good for: A lovely foliage plant which can become quite large, therefore it should be grown in its own container.

Heart Leaf Philodendron
Philodendron erubescens ‘Pink Prince’

The Plant: A hybrid climber with large heart-shaped leaves of shiny deep green with splashes of pink above maroon stems. A similar hybrid is ‘Purple Prince’, which has dark purple stems and purple-bronze leaves with pink splashes.

Its Needs: These Philodendrons require strong light but no direct sun. Grow at room temperature and avoid temperature swings. Mist spray foliage in hot dry weather. Potting mix should be enriched with compost and afford good drainage.

Care: These climbers are best suited to training up a moss-pole. Water once a week by soaking the pot. Feed using liquid feed or foliar feed every couple of weeks. Trim back excess growth.

Good for: A colourful, tidy climber, attractive on its own. Low maintenance.
Philodendron scandens.

The Heart-leaf Philodendron

The Plant: The heart-leaf Philodendron is a less vigorous climber with smaller leaves, which can be grown up a moss-pole or indoor trellis, or as a trailing plant from a hanging container. The variegated form of this Philodendron has a golden tinge to the foliage.

Its needs: Good light but no direct sun, best suited for a cooler room temperature, but avoiding night-time lows if possible. Use a regular potting compost which affords good drainage.

Care: Water once a week through the growing season but water sparingly in winter. Mist foliage in hot weather. Trim back excess growth and any woody older stems to maintain neat tidy appearance.

Good for: Ideal for trailing from a container or for training up a pole or trellis, provides quite a dense leaf cover. Low maintenance.

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