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Pergola Building Details - images and description

Building a pergola is easy - if you have certain woodworking skills. If you are unsure about how to proceed with the pergola construction, then get a professional - or at least a friend with good DIY skills.

Providing you can mark out and cut a straight line - then there should be no problems in building your pergola. Take your time, study the images and other information that we have on how to build a pergola, and if in doubt - Stop!

The images and details on this page are for building a general rectangular pergola.On the left hand side, you will see most of the details which are required when building your pergola. 45deg bracing struts are screwed into the upright posts and also to a well-fastened cross rafter.

The picture below is of a typical corner section of a timber garden pergola building.

The rafter is 'notched' to add stability - and for visual effect.  The upright pergola post is also notched at the top, to allow the pergola main support beam to sit in, and basically help support your pergola as you build it. Small 'in the know' details are useful when building your pergola.

Ends of beam and pergola rafters have been shaped with a good heavy duty Jig-saw. (A variety of shapes can be cut out - save the cut off piece as a marking template for any other bearer or pergola rafters.

General view of Pergola - bracing detail

This section gives a better idea of the 'in-line bracing that is required when building a pergola, to prevent any instability along the length of the pergola.

Again the support posts are notched at the top. By using 100x100mm upright posts, and 50mm thick bearers, the notch can be cut halfway through the post.

Notice that the notching allows for the pergola support beam to protrude above the upright post. This allows you to slide the pergola cross rafters along without snagging on the post!

It is therefore possible to have one of the rafters - sat on top of the bearer joist over the top of the post. This would otherwise be impractical.


Image of Pergola bracing angled strut - details

It is important that the angled support struts are firmly screwed into the uprights and also the main pergola support beam. Pre-drilled holes through the angled struts are essential to avoid splitting and weakening of the timber at this point.





Pergola fastenings - details in image

A detail of the post fastening through to the main support beam of the pergola. If you use normal coach bolts when building your pergola, then push them though from the inside of the pergola to the outside - this will have a better visual effect, as the nuts and 'spare' thread are on the outside of the pergola.

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