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Garden Plants and Flowers starting with the letter 'W'

This section of garden plants starting with the letter W, includes biennials, perennials, bulbs and shrubs, bedding plants, flowers.


  • Weigela - Early summer flowering deciduous shrub with several coloured leaf varieties.
  • Winter Flowering Pansies - For surefire flowering in all winters.
  • Winter Flowering Heathers - Tend to flower best in late winter and into early spring rather than mid winter.
  • Winter Flowering Honeysuckle Lonicera x purpusii - a shrubby type honeysuckle which flower later winter through to early spring. Well scented white flowers.
  • Wisteria Care and Pruning - together with choice of varieties. The Emperor of the climbing plant group, lasting many years. One of the most admired and desired, but it needs space and good support; A little patience also helps!

Woodsia - One of the smaller hardy ferns with the normal pinnate fronds of foliage. Deciduous and non-flowering foliage plant good for rockery area or stone wall planting.


Wulfenia - Dry area plant suited to rockery, gravel garden or dry stone well. Evergreen perennial - ground hugging foliage with light purple flower sprays.


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