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Greenfly and Blackfly on Roses. Two of the main aphids that attack roses. 

All roses are a target for the two main aphids - greenfly and Blackfly.

These aphids can soon take the strength out of your rose bushes if not checked in the initial stages.

The greenfly is by far the most common pest of roses, and as can be seen in the photo, they normally start feeding on the tender young shoots and buds.

If left untended, then the overall vigour of the rose bus will be affected, and often the flower buds will be so weakened as to not open.

Together with this, a sticky substance is exuded, which can soon lead to sooty mould - a black fungus. Greenfly and other common aphids on roses can be easily treated with a general insecticide, or a rose-specific chemical combined spray such as RoseClear. This will also deal with other pests and diseases such as blackspot of roses.

An infestation of greenfly aphids on new rose budsIt will take more than one application to kill off the greenfly - aphids - on rose bushes. Be careful to read the instructions - especially for the timing of repeat applications.

There are organic solutions available, most of which are based upon horticultural soap. Soapy water from the kitchen will also wash off the greenfly - but not kill them, so they will soon reappear.

As can be seen in the image above, greenfly aphids attack the young buds of roses early in the year. Keep a close watch out for these aphids and treat them before they take hold.

Sprays for Rose Aphids

Rose Aphids - greenfly and black fly, can be treated with a variety of different chemicals. Permethrin based sprays have a systemic action - They are absorbed into the plant and all parts of the foliage, so kill off any bugs that you may have missed with your spraying action!

Other types of spray - such as Malathion are very effective and quick as sprays, killing the greenfly on contact. Liquid derris is similar in action and perhaps a little bit more environmentally friendly. If the infestation has been severe, it will be a good idea to help the rose to get over its setback with a good rose feed.

Soap and detergent sprays are often suggested as alternatives. Remember that these simply wash off the greenfly, which will then simply dust itself down and have another go! Horticultural soap acids are more effective.

Prevention is always better than cure, so preventative sprays for rose greenfly - early in the year - are a good idea.

You might like to brush up on your care regime for roses as well.

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