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Choisya ternata - 13th October. 

The Mexican Orange Blossom with aromatic foliage when lightly crushed. A valuable evergreen, growing to 1.5 metres. Happy in full sun or dappled shade, it will also do well in dry areas. Best planted in early autumn or wait until spring. If pruning required, then it should be done in mid spring.

Despite the slightly exotic look to its foliage, and the common name of 'Mexican' Orange Blossom, Choisya ternata is quite hardy. True, it can look a bit sorry for itself after a cold winter or hard frosts - but is soon recovers.

For best effect, the Choisyas are best grown in the shelter of a shrub border, or against a wall of fence - just to give it that little extra protection in the winter. Once established after a couple of winters, then it is less prone to winter damage.

Choisya ternata Mexican orange blossom in flower. Any winter damage can be cut out, and the shrub soon regenerates itself.

Propagation and Care.

Choisya ternata can be quite easily propagated by semi-ripe cuttings in late summer. September cuttings in a coldframe also work well, and are ready to pot up for growing on the following spring.

For general pruning - if required - shaping can be done in April. Otherwise it is quite a regular dome shaped shrub. No pests or diseases experienced with this shrub - other than a few snails that seem to like the taste of the young foliage.

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