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Colletia hystrix Rosea - syn  Colletia armata- October 16th

Colletia hystrix Rosea - as can be seen - is a very thorny shrub, which has pretty pink flowers in autumn. The plant is virtually devoid of 'normal' foliage.

As a physical barrier against unwanted intruders, the Colletia stand alone! The spikes are as vicious as they look.

Colletia hystrix is late summer to autumn flowering, and from a distance it is a pink haze. The flowers - whilst not individually large - or spectacular - are plentiful. The Colletia will grow almost anywhere, and as its lack of normal foliage suggests, it is quite happy in dry places.

Propagation and Pruning.

Image of flowering shoots of the Colletia hystrix Rosea. Sometimes known as Colletia armata.Prune - with care and good gloves - in late winter spring if needed. Clipping, rather than pruning, is successful for a bushy shrub. If it gets out of hand - it will grow to a couple of metres or so - then a hard prune will be tolerated.

Cuttings should be taken with care! Short shoots in late summer normally root quite successfully.

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