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Cotoneaster 'Cornubia' 26th October  

Cotoneaster Cornubia, grows into a small tree or large to 6m. The arching branches are clad with semi-evergreen foliage, and cream/white flowers are produced in profusion during summer. The resulting berries that follow - typical of Cotoneasters - give a lengthy colourful display through autumn and into winter - birds willing!

Cotoneaster Cornubia is a vigorous grower and makes a useful screening shrub, thriving in almost any situation. Whilst described as being semi-evergreen, it retains enough of its foliage to do the job of fully evergreen shrubs.

 The leaves that fall in the autumn, do us the favour of turning deep orange to rusty brown before leaving the tree.

Cotoneaster Cornubia can be pruned quite hard in April, but with the loss of the flower and berries from the new growths which appear after the pruning.

Cotoneaster Cornubia showing masses of red berries Any other branches left un-pruned will flower and berry in the normal manner. Selective pruning of say one third of the shrub's branches each year, will give you the benefit of a large shrub - rather than small tree - which will retain the flowers and berries on the section that is left untouched.

It will grow happily in a northern aspect as well as in full sun. A woodland gardens - if you are lucky enough to have one - is also suitable home for this splendid berrying shrub.

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