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Flowering Shrubs in the Garden.

Flowering shrubs are an important part of the garden plan. Whereas most shrubs flower, some are more long lived or otherwise better than others.

Flowering or evergreen, all shrubs have an important role in the garden, with their diverse shapes and wide range of planting applications. Nonetheless, it is those shrubs that are classed as flowering shrubs which are more widely sought after.

The range of flower colour, the scents, the flowering times and sheer beauty of some of the individual blooms, makes this group of shrubs deservedly popular.

Throughout this section, we will be bringing you the most popular of the flowering shrubs, with full descriptions, pictures where possible and special characteristics of individual shrubs. Equally important, is information about where the different shrubs thrive best.

One of the most asked questions in our mailbox, "Can you please list 12 shrubs to give me colour all the year round?" Other questions relate to flowering shrubs for specific places or uses - such as scented, shade-loving, big, small, fast growing, slow-growing, evergreen flowering shrubs, flowering shrubs with yellow, pink white or blue flowers and the like. Favourite of all of course, is "The best 10".

Here's just a few images to whet your appetite, with many more to follow.

Azalea Ghent HybridBuddleja weyeriannaDaphneHebeJasminum nudiflorum - Winter flowering

Lavandula stoechus - French LavenderMagnolia SusanMahonia x CharityPieris japonica Flamingo

Growing Lavenders

 Rhododendron Christmas Cheer.

There are literally thousands of flowering shrubs. we will do our best to sift through the ones that we like from actual experience.

Evergreen Flowering Shrubs

Evergreens need not be dull and boring. Other than the wide range of foliage colours, there are many evergreen flowering shrubs, some of which flower for long periods - or better still are winter flowering evergreens. With the evergreen shrubs that flower in the winter, many have gorgeous scent as well. One of the best groups of winter flowering evergreen shrubs has to be the Mahonias.

All with yellow flowers, most have a strong scent as well. A good reason to wander out in the winter garden no less. Pick a few sprigs of the winter flowering Mahonia x media Charity to take indoors. The fragrance is subtle - so no need to open the windows.

Shrubs that Flower All Summer

Wide range of flower colours on Flowering Shrubs

Whatever you favourite colour - and we all have colours that we dislike - there will be a flowering shrub at virtually any season, be it spring, summer, autumn or winter, that will suit your own colour passion. Tall, short, spreading, upright, shade loving, sun worshippers, damp and dingy, bright and sunny, whatever your area, there will be a flowering shrub - or two - to fill the void.

Pruning and General Care of flowering shrubs

The added attraction, is the fact that most of these flowering bushes are so easy to look after and care for - as long as you make the right choice for your own particular situation. (This is where we come in to help you with your choice!)

The big 'P' word (Pruning) makes many gardeners wary. Just how do you prune flowering shrubs - EASY! Have a look at our specific shrub pruning section, or just follow a few of these basic rules about pruning your flowering shrubs.

Shrub Propagation 

Once you have got your first shrub to root from a cutting, you will never stop. It really is contagious! But never mind, they make great giveaway presents. Some are a bit difficult - a bit like people really - but most can be successfully propagated by some means or other. We  will show you.

A word of warning. Once your neighbours see the magnificent display of colour throughout the year, you will be invited to 'pop in and have a look at my garden sometime'. The bright site being that it is usually accompanied by a drink of your choice!


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