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Hebe Pink Elephant is a relatively new form of Hebe, with good variegated foliage showing pink though most of the year - Autumn normally the best.

It is evergreen and low growing, with not too much in the way of flower display - no matter the foliage does it. The foliage can suffer during hard winters, but damaged shoots can be cut out in the Spring, when this Hebe will soon regenerate itself.

Neat habit, and normally not getting much more than 30cm high - if that.

January 27th - Kent UK.

Hebe Pink Elephant foliage with the pink from the name well illustrated Hebe Pink Elephant is good for the border, or in a container - either mixed with other evergreen shrubs for a winter display - or by itself as a neat looking specimen.

Given time, this Hebe is also good for ground cover albeit over a confined area.

 If you are worried about its winter hardiness, or simply want a few more of them, then take a few semi or ripe stem cuttings in September and pot them into 50/50 sand and peat o vermiculite.


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