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Garden Shrubs Beginning with N - a-z Letter listing

Nandina; Neillia; Nerium; Notospartium:

Nandina - our featured 'N' shrub -  is normally grown for the interesting evergreen - sometimes coloured - foliage. As can be seen here, the flowers are also attractive.


Nandina domestica FirepowerNandina - Heavenly or Japanese Bamboo: - Attractive evergreen pinnate foliage on this generally hardy shrub. Best for sheltered position in colder areas. Flowers are followed by bright red round fruits on some varieties.

The Nandina domestica is the main one for planting in the UK and has several varieties of note - Nandina domestica 'Firepower' being one of the most popular.

Neillia: -  Fully hardy deciduous shrubs with attractive pink flowers in late Spring.

nerium - Oleander - Pink flowered shrubNerium - Oleander: -  Non hardy, but can be grown outside in good UK summer. Best grown under glass protection, but do not over-water. Lanceolate evergreen foliage with white, pink or red flowers. Very showy.

Nothofagus - or Southern Beech, is enigmatically named, in that the common names are normally 'Southern Beech' yet the botanical name could be taken to mean 'not a beech' - Fagus being the family name for Beeches!

Notospartium:- Unusual shrub in that is does not have (visible) leaves! Erect growth with typical 'pea' flowers - normally pink/purple. Need frost free environment, dry and with plenty of sun. (Nat a Spartium? but commonly referred to as the Pink Broom. (Spartium being one of the real Broom family within the wider group of Leguminosae. 

Nyssa is sometimes sold as a shrub! But before long the purchaser will realise they have a substantial spreading tree waiting to burst forth.


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