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Garden Shrubs Beginning with  U - a-z Letter listing

We would be happy to hear about any shrubs starting with the letter 'U'' - other than the two we have mentioned.

The Ulex of course is normally a tree - the Elm. But, there is one the we know of which is most certainly a shrub - and very attractive shrub as well.

Ulex - the common Gorse is our main offering at the moment. Well worth considering in the right situation.

Whilst the Gorse can be seen growing wild in many parts of the UK, it is also worth considering as a garden shrub

Ulex europus is the basic species seen growing wild. Normally kept under control in scrubland by fire - accidental or purpose. Burnt to the ground, it re grows within a matter of months, and seems the better for its enforced hibernation!

Have to admit to being stumped for other shrubs starting with U - in the UK at least, but will gladly stand corrected if you know otherwise!

Ulex europa - double flowered gorseUlex – Gorse: - Hardy, spiny, evergreen shrubs with yellow flowers. The double flowered form in the image is Ulex europus 'Flore Pleno'.  

Less spiny, is the Irish Gorse - Ulex europus Flore Pleno 'Strictus' also having the advantage of a more upright growth.


The Golden ElmUlmus – Elm  Ulmus x hollandica 'Wredei' - golden elm

Ulmus x hollandica 'Jaqueline Hillier' - Also known as Ulmus x elegantissima 'Jaqueline Hillier' is very similar. So much so as to be virtually indistinguishable!

Both form spreading large shrubs - or small trees over time, but respond to hard pruning, and are also seemingly  resistant to Dutch Elm Disease.

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