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Garden Shrubs Beginning with  W - a-z Letter listing

Wax Myrtle; Willow; Wisteria: Willow:

Wistaria sinensis - the majestic climber of stately homes and garden. Easy to grow deciduous climber.

Wattle Shubs - Acacias

Wax Myrtle – Myrica: - See Myrica

Weigella - Pink flowered shrubWeigela: - Showy group of hardy shrubs with variable foliage - green, purple or variegated. Trumpet/funnel shaped flowers in clusters, with pink shades being the dominant colours. Completely hardy and easy to grow. Take care about the pruning for best results.


Whitebeam - Sorbus


salix dwarf pussy willowWillow - Salix: - See Salix

Winter Flowering Honeysuckles - Lonicera fragrantissima and Lonicera x purpussii 'Winter Beauty'

Winter Stems on shrubs

Wisteria Wisteria Wisteria Care and CultivationWisteria Varieties  (Wistaria) :-  Magnificent climber that will live for many years. Twining stems eventually turn into stout branches - or trunk even. Needs proper pruning - at right time of year. take care to purchase a plant that has been grafted onto a rootstock - not simply a seedling. As a rule seedlings are sold cheap, and in small pots. Wisteria from Cuttings and Seed

hamamelis - Witch Hazel shrubWitch Hazel - Hamamelis: -  See Hamamelis

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