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Magnolia grandiflora - Evergreen Tulip Tree 

Flower on this evergreen Magnolia shrub can reach up to 25cm (10in) across.

This superb member of the Magnolia group needs plenty of space. This is probably why it is not planted as often as it should be. As well as flowers that appear on and off through much of the summer - and autumn - this large shrub has magnificent glossy green evergreen foliage - in itself a cause for admiration by gardeners. An added attraction is the fact that the underside of the leaves on Magnolia grandiflora are usually a bright orange brown.

Magnolia grandiflorum will grow as a stand alone specimen shrub - often reaching dimensions of up to 10 metres - and more, with a spread to match is conical shape. However, it can also be trained - or grown - against a house wall, and it is in this situation that I have seen the best flowers.

The Evergreen Magnolia - Magnolia grandiflorum - creamy white flowersPropagation of Magnolia grandiflora

Certainly not the easiest of shrubs to propagate, but if you should want to try, then air-layering is the best method, or else bend down a young supple branch and peg it on to the ground - covering it with a few centimetres of soil where pegged. Both methods will take a few months if not a season or two, but far better than attempting normal cuttings. Bear in mind that the individual leaves can reach 20cm long.

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