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Symphoricarpos x doorenbosii 'White Hedge' -  Snow Berry 7th November

For white berries in Autumn and Winter, look no further than this superb variety of the Snowberries - Symphoricarpos x doornbosii White Hedge. Its only drawback is the fact that it is deciduous with non eventful foliage and a sloppy habit of growth unless kept under control - but it has its places.

Upright growth with compact habit. The dense shrub is a mass of purest white berries from early Autumn onwards. The berries start before leaf fall, and then come into their own as the leaves fall away.

How to grow Snowberries

Snowberry is a very hardy shrub - both from a climatic and vandal-proof point of view.  together with which it can be planted in poor soil. as long as well drained.

Best in full sun - though also suitable for dappled shade.

Cluster of snowberry berries. White Symphoricarpos White Hedge fruitsSymphoricarpos x doorenbosii White Hedge, will grow to about 1.4 metres high, and simply spread over time to wherever it is allowed to. As its name suggests it makes a superb winter interest hedge.

 To prevent untoward spread, then cut out the suckers with a spade below ground level. far better to give it the space it needs in the first place, then you will be rewarded by a spectacular show of white berries from this - the best of the white berries Symphoricarpos.

Problems with Snowberry

Sloppy growth so needs a bit of 'rambling' space - unless grown as a hedge.

One of the good 'no-problems' is that it does not suffer from any of the normal pests or diseases.

Tends to spread by suckering.

Pruning Symphoricaros - Late winter or early spring - either trim hedge grown snowberries or prunne back to control when grown as a shrub.

Propagation of Symphoricarpos

Propagation is very easy - via taking a few of the suckers and replanting them in the late autumn. Otherwise, you can take softwood cuttings in early summer. The suckers are much easier and quicker to turn into berrying plants.

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