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All year Round Cabbages!

The cabbage group of vegetables is so diverse, that it is possible to have fresh cabbage from your garden at any month of the year. There are Spring Cabbage, Summer Cabbage and also Winter cabbage varieties

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Commercially, the Cabbage family is so important to growers, that there has been intense breeding to ensure that cabbage can be grown and harvested throughout the year. We as common gardeners can benefit from this hard work and research - simply by buying the right varieties now on sale. All of the major seed catalogues will give you their own suggestions for all year round cabbage plants. The ones we list are well tried and reliable, but not the 'newest, of varieties.

Listed below are a range of cabbages suitable for sowing so that you do indeed get cabbages all the year round!

Winter, spring and summer cabbages are provided by sowing the right varieties in a time span during the months, April to Late July or early august. Sowing the right seeds during this 4-month time span will provide you with fresh cabbage throughout the year.

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Spring cabbage should be sown outdoors in late July or early August. You then transplant them where they are to grow in September - ensuring the young transplants are firmly bedded into the soil - important.

Good varieties of spring cropping cabbage will include Harbinger, Durham Early, and Offenham. Seed catalogues will have the latest offering of varieties suitable for spring cabbage. They will be ready to crop between March and May.

Summer-Autumn cabbage. You should start to sow these in April and May, then transplant from May to June.

Varieties that are suitable for summer cabbage will include Hispi, Stonehead, and Minicole. These will be ready to harvest from July to October.

Winter cabbage, are normally sown in mid - May. They are then transplanted towards the end of June.

Good varieties are Savoys, January King, or Celtic. These will be available for the kitchen from December through to February.

Basically, choose the correct seed for the varieties of cabbage you need, make sure that you have room to expand the plot, and you too can harvest cabbage all the year round.

Quick Check Sowing and Cropping

  • Generally .
    Sow in trays under cover or open ground when warm during February through to March for current year crops and later in succession for year round crops..
    Plant out seedlings in March through June.
    Harvest according to sowing times from January through until December.
    Sowing to Cropping time normally 25 - 30 weeks.

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