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 Jobs to do in the December Garden

Plant roses, trees, shrubs, and hedging if weather permits. Complete cane fruit, gooseberries and currant planting.

Tidy up beds and borders. Remove fallen leaves - especially if fungal diseases were present this year.
Plant new herbaceous perennials and divide existing plants which have become overcrowded. Shorten long growth on bush roses to about 60 cm to prevent wind damage.

Dead head winter flowering pansies to encourage blooming throughout winter.

Mulch beds, borders, trees, shrubs and fruit bushes but not if the ground is frozen.

Commence winter pruning of apple and pear trees, Cut out dead diseased or damaged branches, also crossing or touching branches and vigorous laterals growing in the centre. Spray fruit trees and bushes with Murphy Mortegg Tar Oil Wash to kill over-wintering insect eggs.

Now is the time to sort out your seed requirements before the rush in the new year.

In the vegetable garden, when weather permits dig or fork over vacant ground working in well rotted manure or compost.

Remove leaves from lawns, but keep off if very wet or frosty. You can still lay turf if the ground is suitable.

In the greenhouse 

  • Ventilate on warm days 

  •  Water plants sparingly. 

  • Ensure all glass is clean to admit as much light as possible. 

  • Check plants for whitefly, spray with Sybol Extra to control.  

  • Check for slugs and snails, water with Slugit.

Most House plants will need plenty of light, avoid over watering. Pots of bulbs; keep moist but not too hot. Poinsettias should not be subjected to temperatures below 13deg C. Orchids prefer a moist atmosphere and plenty of light. Citrus plants require temperatures between 5 and -12 degrees Celsius and maximum light.

Flowering Plants for December

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