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Decking base frame images

Firm fixing into the house wall is essential for a raised deck of any kind

A 1m wide walkway along side of house, showing the basic sub deck base being levelled up after fixing to the house.

The support posts in this image are temporary. The deck frame is clamped to these posts to enable final adjustments to levels and position.

Sturdy post supports for raised deck frame

Same project as above, but now with final support posts bolted and concreted into ground, with the externally fixed newels in position on the decking base for the railings balustrade.


Joists are placed upon the fixed bearers - ready to be cut to length

Image shows the joist resting on the permanently fixed bearers. the deck base will overhang the bearers by 900mm.


A rectangular deck base is soon turned into an octacon - by cutting the corners off!

Standard rectangular decking base frame constructed and braced into true square, then corners cut off for extra styling, before fixing permanently into the ground.



A narrowing deck sub frame.

Deck frame showing construction method of fixing joist hangers to base plate; then joists strung out over fixed bearers; then cut off to angle, before fixing of endplate, which is simply double nailed into the joists. After that, additional joist hangers were fixed to the end plate and joists, to prepare the endplate and other frame to hold the newel posts for the balustrade railings.


Sub deck frame base over long span


Same project as above from different angle, showing how the timber bearers were fastened below the deck. The decking base sub frame simply sits on these bearers before being fixed by spike-nailing down through sides of joist timbers.


Large deck base with joists resting on bearers

Large deck frame set over bearers at 1.8m spans. the deck frame was held into place and position on a temporary basis before fixing the double joist bearers to posts and concreting into ground.


Detail of bearers bolted to support post

Image shows the fixing method of timber joist bearers, ready to receive the joists which are slung out from the base plate. Good levelling is necessary to ensure that the finished decking is both level and without bumps of dips.


Corner section cut off and surround frame adjusted.

Detail showing corner section that was cut off after the rectangular decking base was constructed.



Joist hangers are essential for many decksJoist hangers are invaluable for fixing deck joists to bearers and base or end plates.




High level raised deck frame with sturdy bearers and joists

High level deck sub deck base fixed to the house wall using sleeve anchors with rectangular galvanised steel plate washers. Joists are simply slid into the pre-fixed joist hangers at the house wall plate fixing. The joists are resting on the fixed bearers ready for the end plate to be temporarily nailed before further securing with joist hangers. The span from wall to bearer is 1,8m and with a overhang of 900mm at the end plate.


Deck base bearers and fixing

Image shows timber decking bearers, on which the sub base will rest before final fixing. Note the use of heavy duty 12mm galvanised coach bolts through to 100 x 100mm posts.



Joists strung out resting on bearers.

same job as above, from different angle which shows how the deck sub base is simply built onto the top of the joist bearers.



End frame fixed for low level deck

Simple method of fixing decking joists to end frame using two 120mm galvanised nails.



Details of what it looks like under a raised deck

Under a substantial raised deck, showing timber bearers (2no 200mmx50mm timber bearers, which have been properly end sealed at all cuts, and then joist frame fixed to the bearers..


Bearers and newels in view for this raised deck

Same project with better view of the sub frame construction.



Finished detail of timbers at corner of raised deck

The finished detail, with a fascia of deck board, and the spindles from the railings - balustrade - fixed to this - instead of having a bottom rail on the balustrade.



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