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Building a Garden Deck 

A raised Timber Decking Patio into the garden to replace the old low level paved area.

Building a deck in a garden, from start to finish. This garden decking will be raised, owing to the variation in levels - as can be seen from the first image of the site.

The main reasons for building this garden patio deck were twofold; 1/. to have access to a patio without having to go down a set of unsafe steps; 2/. to extend the living space out into the garden.

The first and second reasons were taken care of in the raising the deck up above the old patio. The old steps ceased to exist, the deck extended further into the garden area and had a finished level at the same as the living room floor. It was thus pleasantly possible to walk straight from the interior onto the exterior part of the 'room'!

Before the deck was startedThe Projected plan for the raised decking - patio

As can be seen in the 'before' photo, something needed to be done about the dangerously steep and shallow steps, and the old patio which was gradually being encroached upon by overgrowing shrubs.

Safety and ease of access was of paramount importance  as there was a young child to be considered, and also because there were often visitors to the house, who were elderly and not confidently able to use the steps.

Sketch plan of proposed deckThe left-hand sketches shows the basic deck plan design in relation to the house and access etc. The existing garden patio below the deck is marked in to show the additional space that became available.

 The deck frame sketch shows the basic raised base structure. In this case, the timber going across the page are to be 50mm x 150mm (6x2in ) tanalised joist timbers, which will be fixed to the house via a 6x2 wall plate with galvanized joist hangers. The timbers running top to bottom will be 50mm x 100mm tanalised structural grade timbers.

 The deck timbers will be screwed to these. (The overall depth of the timber 'platform' will be 288mm (11.5in.) all screwed and bolted together to make a solid deck.) This base structure will be raised on to 75x75 (3x3in) tanalised posts sunk and concreted into the ground. (Tanalised timber is guaranteed for 15 years, if carefully treated. It will weigh approx 2 tonnes.

Joist and subframe layout for proposed deck Decking being stored

One thing you should be aware of in all landscape projects, is the sheer bulk - and weight of the materials required. The same is true of a decking project such as this.

This 1st delivery of timber account for most of the raised base section. There are 10 3.6m lengths of 150x50mm tanalised timber, and 30 x 6 m lengths of 100x38mm. Added to this, there are 9 x  2.4m 75x75mm 'fencing' posts  which will be used for the uprights.

This delivery weighed in the region of 1 tonne - fortunately off-loaded with a hoist lorry - but only to the kerb-side! It is important to keep the timber in a shaded place - not in full sun - or it will invariably warp.


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