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Garden Pond Problems

Garden ponds have few problems if maintained properly. However, garden ponds are not always cared for as they should be, and problems occur. We help you identify and deal with garden pond problems.

If you have a problem with your pond that has not been addressed here, then feel free to email us, and we will do what we can to help and advise.

One of the biggest problems for many is ‘green water’.  (Our mail box will attest to that starting in May each year). There are several reason why water turns green, so the important thing is to find out exactly what the cause is in your own particular instance. It is not a ‘one solution fits all’. We are currently working on that aspect, and hope to have a basic page about this quite soon We don’t simply want to post a ‘cure’. We now have the information to allow you to find out the cause.

Once you know the cause of the problem – as with all – it is much easier to deal with.

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to cure a problem when you don't really know the basic cause. And, with green water problems, there are a few basic causes which we outline.

Green Water in your Pond

 Firstly, find out the cause, then try one of these cures. It is almost certainly a case of too much nutrient in the water. Blanket Weed or Algae are the main culprits, and need different approaches to control.

Herons Stealing your Fish.

 At one time this was a ‘rural’ problem. No longer, these flying ‘anglers’ have got braver – or hungrier as the rural pond-keepers have found ways to deal with this annoying problem.

Snails in the Pond.

It is often assumed that snails help to ‘clean’ the pond.  This is rarely the case! You should not allow your snail population to increase.

Foam at the base of the Waterfall or Fountain.

We are not talking of bubbles, but of proper foam being caused by a protein imbalance in the pond.

Lowering Water Levels.

It is not always a leak that is causing this problem. There will always be natural evaporation – especially if you have a fountain or waterfall. A windy spot for the pond will also cause loss of water as the breeze wafts over the surface of the pond. If the lowering of water is gradual or quite sever it could of course be a leak, and they don’t always happen with concrete lined ponds! Rubber and Plastic of all sorts can be ‘made’ to leak!

Weeds in your pond.

 - Normally - but not always - a submerged problem with assorted aquatic weeds. Much easier to deal with than 'greening' of the water, but sometimes sharing a common cause!

Pond Pests and Diseases

Fish get diseases such as assorted fungal problems. They also get pest infections – as do Pond Plants. 

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