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Growing Herbs - How to Grow Herbs - Tips and Advice 

Growing herbs is easy! Herbs can be grown in so many situations and soil types, that there really is no excuse for not growing your own herbs herbs. You can grow herbs in a mixed border or bed, or you can devote a separate are to grow your own herbs.

Whilst many of the 'traditional herbs' are best in a well lit, well drained soil, there are herbs that will grow in virtually any part of the garden, or in many different types of containers.

You do not need a 'herb garden' in order to grow herbs. Many are quite at home and look in place in shrub borders or dotted about in perennial herbaceous borders.

So many herbs add a splash of colour to your garden such as the great silver swath of the curry plant which add colour to any part of the garden, or of course some of the gaudy flowers such as the Echinaceas.

Many of the herbs that we grow are derived from wild plants and as such, have very few cultural requirements. It is rarely necessary to feed herbs with fertilizer. In the wild, they are happy to live naturally in a recycling environment that does not include quick flushes of lush growth bough on by the use of your pet fertiliser brand.

Echinacea is good fro growing in almost any situation. Echinacea is a good showy perennial so can be grown in a herbaceous border. Spurge or Euphorbia is another perennial with herbal properties and can be grown anywhere in the garden Oenothera - or Evening Primrose is a legendary herb that you can frow in a herbaceous or mixed border. It is also good growing in a dry stone wll cavity!

There are many culinary herbs that are quite happy growing in

  • Herbs in shaded areas. - Although many - or most herbs - grow in sunny open aspects in the wild, there are some that are good for growing in garden situations of a shady nature.
  • Herbs in Containers - The easiest way to get to fresh herbs from the kitchen, is if they are just outside the kitchen door. This is possible with container grown herbs, but many herbs also make for good ornamental containers - either as single specimen planting or a full blown container herb garden - or two!
  • Growing Parsley From Seed - One of our most frequent questions is "How to grow Parsley from Seed". Well, here's how.
  • Herbs for Winter - Summer salads and the like are generally associated with herbs, but so are stews, roast meats and hotpots. How much better to be able to pick a selection of herbs that grow in the winter, rather than using dried leaves.
  • Make a Herb Garden - So, if you have the bug, we take you through some points to bear in mind with making your own herb garden.
  • Herbs in Containers - Container gardening in patio pots and planters are also great places for herbs - and of course - they are usually near the kitchen!
  • Medicinal Herbs

There is rarely a need to feed your herb plants. Most are herbs are happy growing in any good gardening soil with virtually no added feed. Some herbs - as with the showy perennial types benefit from an annual mulch of organic material.

Many herbs will grow quite quickly when established, so make sure that you allow enough room for your herbs to grow properly without being a nuisance to other plants.

The Welsh Onion - Allium fistulosum - is very similar to the ordinary onion in taste - but does not develop bulbs. The leaves - which are hollow - are used. It is an easy to grow herb.
The welsh Onion is a great "herb" for growing in almost any situation. The flower heads show off for weeks on end, and it is a very tolerant herb which you can grow in a pot - or in the garden.


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