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Chrysalidocarpus lutescens - Golden Yellow Palm 

The Golden Palm in natural habitat - but makes a good houseplant alsoThis is the Golden Yellow Palm growing in suitable conditions outdoors!

The Plant: Impressive clusters of gold/yellow stems with green/yellow waving foliage with a golden midrib. A large elegant palm which is suitable for growing as a houseplant indoors. 

Its needs: The Golden Yellow Palm requires good light when grown as a houseplant - including some morning sun during summer. The potting mix should allow for good drainage, and be loose and friable. Originating from the Tropics, this palm needs additional humidity and warmth, and does not survive sudden drops in temperature.

Care: Water well during summer, but do not allow pot to become waterlogged. Reduce watering during winter. Wipe fronds carefully with a soft damp cloth to remove dust. Mist spray during hot dry weather. Prone to mealy bug, red spider and leaf scale pest so check underside of leaves. Chrysalidocarpus can be stood outside in summer.


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