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Misting of Houseplants - Indoor Plants 

Misting of houseplants indoors probably does more good to the 'mister' - or perhaps 'Mist-ress' than to the plant.

If it makes you feel good, then go ahead and do it! If you think that you are raising the humidity level in the air around the plant, then yes - for 3 or 4 minutes until the atomised spray evaporates!

The rest of the day, the plant will have to fare for itself!

There are certain plants which benefit from regular misting at flowering time - to assist pollination and fruit set. Other than those, misting is a waste of time insofar as trying to raise humidity levels is concerned.

For misting to have any effect, it will need to be carried out every few minutes or so! The prime reason given for regular misting of houseplants, is 'to raise the humidity levels. Twaddle!

Any minute particles of water soon evaporate and dissipate into the surrounding air in the room. There is no substantial benefit to the plant. Humidity levels can be checked by the purchase of a hygrometer from a good garden centre.

The humidity levels in specialist houseplant growing nurseries is attained either by damping down the paths etc with a hose, several times a day. (Not suitable for the living room) or by automatic misting equipment that keeps the humidity levels at somewhere between 40 - 60%.

Plants that need high humidity normally come from rain or cloud forest areas. This atmosphere cannot be replicated by a daily misting.

The argument that it will raise humidity levels and deter Red Spider Mite is also not to be taken too seriously. red spider is prevalent outdoors in the UK - so it will be well able to combat the odd shower!

Far from being beneficial, misting can be harmful to some houseplants - African violets, Streptocarpus and other 'downy' leaved plants will suffer. It also turns dust particles on leaves into a 'cement' clogging up the pores of leaves!

In hard water areas, a chalky deposit is also left on the foliage.

So, if waltzing around with your mister makes you feel good - confine it to the dance floor!


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