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Ficus elastica ‘Decora’ - India Rubber Tree - Rubber Plant

The Plant: The Rubber Plant, Ficus elastica ‘Decora’, a very well-known houseplant. Large oval leathery green leaves, arising from a green central stem. New growth is salmon pink.

Its needs: Avoid direct sun but provide good light. A sandy potting mix aids drainage, but place the container on a saucer of wet pebbles, or place a jam jar of water behind the Rubber Plant, to maintain high humidity. Warm growing conditions preferred.

Care: Do not over-water the Ficus elastica, provide moderate watering in growing season, but water very sparingly in winter. Spray mist or sponge the leaves in hot dry weather. The Rubber Plant can withstand short periods of cool temperatures but does better in warm humid conditions.

The Rubber Plant as indoor houseplant Watch for scale pest, mealy bug, and red spider mite. Trim back growing tips, (end shoots), on main stem and side stems in order to maintain neat appearance.

Good for: An easy care, elegant, simple foliage plant. Good for home, conservatory or office.

In real life the Ficus can get a little bit bigger! this one in a public park in Bangkok! The variegated rubber plant - Ficus elastica Decora Variegatum

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