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Perennials starting with D Listing

Dactylis - Ornamental grass suited for perennial border. A good variegared Dactylis is Dactyla glomerata Variegata.

Dactylorhyza - Marsh Orchid - Now you can have your own outdoor orchids - especially in a woodland or meadow setting.

Deinanthe - Clu,p forming to around 45cm high. Suited to damp areas.

Delphinium - One of the most popular groups of perennials, but not grown as often as should be!

Dendranthema - Still so much confusion over this name change. Basically all those plants we know as Chrysanths and just 'Mums' are officially Dendranthema.

Dennstaedtia - Fern - Hardy garden fr\erns for the most part - though deciduous or herbaceous and not evergreen.

Dianthus - group of perennials covering 'Pinks, 'Carnations' and just plain 'Dianthus'!

Diascia - Plant this in the right spot and give it a little winter protection and you will be rewarded well. Not used enough in the perennial border or rock garden.

Dictamnus - A 'must have' perennial with spikes of white or pink flowers. Dictamnus Alba, is known also as the burning bush - but not because of colour, but because of the volatility of the vapour emanating from flowers in hot weather!

Dierama - The wandflower, generally hardy but prefers the protection of light woodland.

Digitals - Most of the foxgloves are biennial - but so at home in a perennial environment. They all re-seed themselves, so are as prolific as most herbaceous perennials.

Dionysia - Low growing tufts of evergreen foliage, with golden yellow flowers. Suit rock gardens.

Diphylleia  - I do not know this, but will investigate!

Dipsacus - The common Teasel, which can be grown as a short-lived perennial - or rightfully as a biennial.

Disporopsis - Think of Solomon's Seal or Polygonatum, and you will have a very good idea as to what this one is.

Disporum - Grow this in light woodland for best effect. Drooping white bell flowers, similar to Lily of the Valley.

Dodecatheon - American Cowslip or Shooting Stars - suited best to light or dappled shade.

Draba - Whitlow Grass - Evergreen cushions of foliage and flowers. Best in full sun - in rockery.

Dracocephalum - Dragon's Head. Some of which are perennials. Winter protection is advisable, and a sheltered position.

Dryas - Mountain Avens - Low growing mat forming clumps for rockery, and well drained soil.

Dryopteris - Hardy Fern - Buckler Fern - A good group of hardy ferns - though not generally evergreen. But, the new foliage in spring is always worth the winter wait!

Duchesnea - Low growing perennial evergreen - best for novelty value!

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