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Perennials starting with E - A-Z Listing

Elymus - Ornamental Rye - This one is liable to spread if given the chance, but makes a good container plant.

Eranthis - Winter Aconite Will often pop its flowers through snow and frosted ground. A great dappled shade low growing perennial.

Euphorbia - Main Page Euphorbia A huge range of plants. Many good perennials in this group.

Echinacea - Cone Flower. A wide range of perennials - never failing to please. Mid summer and late flowering types available.

Echinops - The Globe Thistle. The will need plenty of space, but are invaluable for foliage, flowers, and insect attractants.

Echium - A variable group of perennials with good flowering abilities. Foliage often interesting as well. Whites, blue, pinks and reds are available.

Edraianthus - Grassy Bells - Typical Campanula type flowers on these low growing tuft-formers.

Epilobium - Willow Herb - Same as the weed, but a little more refined! The garden varieties are not as invasive as the Rose Bay Willow Herb.
Epimedium - Great ground covering perennial for sun or part shade. The flowers are cute, but on some varieties you will have to look for them! Good evergreen foliage on some.

Eremurus - Foxtail Lily - Desert Candles with tall spikes of white, yellow or pink flowers. These actually need a cold spell in order to break their flower bud dormancy! So don't go mulching in the Autumn to keep them warm!

Erigeron - Varied colours on this low growing group. Grow them in dry areas for a big display of colour.

Erinus - Rarely grown as it is one of the short-lived perennials. But, it does self-seed itself, and it is so easy to root.

Eriogonum - Interesting foliage on the various types, and all are low growing perennials.

Eriophorum - Better known as Cotton Grass. Other than the tufts of cotton to describe to friends and visitors, it has little of interest.

Eriophyllum - All are tolerant of drought conditions - suited for rock gardens and dry areas.

Eritrichium - Alpine Forget Me Not. Low growing with powder blue flowers. Good for training and trailing over rocks, or spilling out of container.

Erodium -  Often mistaken as the hardy geranium group. Same family and looks, so no wonder.

Eryngium - Thistles which are well worth growing for their foliage and flowers. Silver grey foliage for most.

Erysimum - Posh name for Wallflowers. There are some superb perennials in this group.

Erythronium Dog's Tooth Violet - A wide range of bulbous woodland or perennial border plants

Eschscholzia - Californian Poppy - This one gets everywhere. But a mass of colour forgives it.

Eucomis - Unusual columns or spikes of flowers over bright green foliage. Good for damp situations.

Euphatorium - Fills a gap - and quickly. Some good colourful varieties, thyeat flower late.

Euryops - Some are like Chrysanthemums. Good finely cut foliage. Mainly yellow shades.


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