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Perennials starting with G  Listing

Galanthus - Snowdrops - The flowering bulbs are an important group of perennials and overlooked for the border or bed. There is always room for a bit of brightness in early spring, and nothing provides it more than a good clump of snowdrops.

Galtonia - Summer Bulb - I always feel that these look so majestic, but then I have spent many hours trying to figure out the best way to photograph them. They always prove to be interesting.

Gaillardia - The Mexican Blanket Flower - You will need the right ones, for there are hardy perennials, and half hardy annuals to choose from. 'Daisy' flowers don't come much brighter, with many bi-colors available. The all prefer the sun, but will tolerate the slightest dappled shade.

Galax - Basically you have one to choose from. No matter, it is still welcome - both as an evergreen groundcover perennial, and also as a daintily flowered plant for a damp, shady area. Its main requirement otherwise - an acid soil.

Galega - Pea-like flowers held on spikes above attractive blue-green leaves. A good perennial for the meadow or semi-wild area. But will also fit in with traditional border ideas. Will put up with a little dappled shade - otherwise full sun. Has the advantage of being a legume, so enriches the soil with Nitrogen.

Gaura - These are just spectacular in the right situation, and suited to the perennial or shrub border. Little bit messy in habit, but can soon be forgiven when in flower.

Gentiana - How lucky you are i9f you can grow Gentians. Some can, some cannot. But they are not difficult. Simply need the right conditions.

Geranium - Not the bedding Pelargoniums! There are bedding geraniums, and ivy-leaf geraniums. Those are pelargoniums which in turn are a member of the Geranium family. The ones that interest us on this section, are the hardy Geraniums - some of which are evergreen or at least semi-evergreen. Others are herbaceous. It is a large group of plants, and somewhere in the list, you will find a few that suit your gardening ideas.

Geum - A varied group of clump forming perennial - mostly evergreen with flowers held up on slender stems. Full sun is best, or dappled shade. Wet soil throughout the winter is not their favourite habitat.

Gladiolus - Hardy Types - Some are lucky enough to leave their Gladiolus corms in over winter - and have them survive. Here we talk of the few hardy perennial types.

Glaucium - The Horned Poppy. Short lived as a perennial, but easily re-established from seed. Generally they have blue-ish or glaucous foliage. Several colours available.

Globularia - The flowers of the Globe Daisy always receive interest. Generally low growing - ground hugging even - and evergreen.

Glyceria - Ornamental grass - sedge. As a sedge, it is suited to a boggy area - or at least very damp. The variegated form is the most sought after for the flowers are not a major attraction.

Goniolimon - Similar to Statice or Limonium.

Gunnera - The huge leaves look well at the water side, but it will grow most other places as well! Just keep it well watered.

Gypsophilla - Cushion forming - for rockeries and containers - or clump forming for different types of borders. The latter being graceful in growth and habit. White and pink flower colour range. Full sun is best.


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