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Perennials starting with N - A-Z Listing

Narcissus - Daffodils - Everyone knows Daffodils as spring flowering bulbs, but they are also herbaceous perennials. They have a different flowering period to most that we talk of in this section. that is a great big plus for us, for they can give an extra month or so of interest to our summer flowering herbaceous borders and beds.

Nerine - Autumn Bulb - They do not come any more brazen than this winter flowering perennial bulb. Think Pink and you are halfway to liking this. Spectacular show in the darkest of months.

Nectaroscordum - Bulbous herbaceous perennial of the Allium family. Very unusual drooping open tubular flowers which will always be of interest.

Nemesia - Widely used as bedding and basket plants, but also with some useful reasonably hardy perennials for us. Low growing for the most part, and very colourful. plant them where they will not suffer from wet and cold feet in the winter, and they should do well.

Nemophilla - Quite hardy with small Geranium-like flowers. Mainly low growing, but some are erect. Suited to border edge, or a suitable container.

Neopaxia - Five petals for this small white flowered gem. Fleshy leaves are attractive, and its low habit of growth makes it good for rock garden.

Nepeta - Wide ranging Catmint group. All of the popular ones have a good floral display in early to mid summer. Predominantly blue flowers.

Nicotiana - Forget the annual bedding plants of this name. There are a few good perennials as well. Probably treated as short-lived, so re-sow as a biennial if it does not do so itself.

Nierembergia - The Cup Flower common name describes its floral attributes perfectly. Though there are also a few open flowered types. Hardy and will grow well if in a moist, sheltered spot. The creeping types prefer rockery conditions.

Nigella - 'Love in a Mist', or sometimes 'Devil in a Bush'! Multi-petalled flowers with bits and pieces protruding is the best description I have heard! A good old fashioned cottage garden plant. The flowers are also used for drying - flower arrangers love them.

Nomocharis - A hardy bulbous perennial member of the Lily family. Looks as though it is tender but not! Pendant saucers of flowers - often spotted. There are low growing types as well as those that grow to 1m tall, so plenty of uses.

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