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Tradescantia andersoniana group - October 17th 

Tradescantia andersoniana plants are the hardy evergreen perennials suited for perennial borders. Though evergreen they are somewhat untidy in the winter months.

The flowers of these Tradescantias are typical of the family - having three petals. The flowers are borne in small clusters an sometimes arching stems, and whilst small individually, they provide a useful splash of colour in the late summer early autumn border.

Tradescantia x andersoniana will grow in many different types of soil - preferably well drained, and are suited to dry garden areas as well as the normal herbaceous border.

The three petals that make up the Tradescantia flowersThe range of the flower colour starts at white and goes through most of the blue shades - terminating in deep purple varieties.

The old faded flower spikes are best removed regularly. This will ensure a long succession of flower until well into the autumn.

Propagation of Hardy Tradescantias

These Tradescantias are easily propagated by means of simple division of the clump forming plants in late autumn (if mild) or - preferably - early spring.

Some noted varieties are -

  • Tradescantia andersoniana Iris Pritchard - White flowers
  • T a. Carmine Glow - Rich carmine flowers
  • T. a. Red Cloud - Bright red
  • T. a. J.C. Weguelin - Pale blue flowers as per image above,


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