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Perennials starting with T - A-Z Listing

Tricyrtus - Toad Lily Tricyrtis Very unusual flowers on long straight stems to 1m high. Late flowering and persist right though until severe weather.

Tulip - Flowering Bulb harly need introduction, but a very wide range to choose from, including many dwarf types.

Tanacetum - Several mainly low growing types - some with good foliage colours. There is a little confusion with the naming of some - including Pyrethrums. We have moved the Pyrethrums to their own section in the 'P' pages.

Tellima - 'Fringe Cup' Flowers. Attractive light green foliage formed in low clusters or clumps. The flowers of greenish yellow are held on spikes spikes around 40-60cm tall. Very good for shade and woodland cover.

Teucreum - Some confusion in classification as perennials or sub-shrubs. There are several varieties which are most certainly perennials, and the sub-shrubs also look good associated with perennials.

Thalictrum - Meadow Rue - A good selection of herbaceous perennials which take little space and have tallish flower spikes of varied colours. Individual flowers that make up the panicles are sometimes fluffy, sometimes star-like. Good for full sun or parts shade. Heights to 1.2m.

Thermopsis - Tri-palmate foliage on upright stems topped with racemes of pea-like open flowers. Good perennial border plant but not often seen.

Thymophylla - Aromatic clump forming foliage with yellow daisy flowers. Short lived as a perennial - so re-seeding is normally required.

Thymus - Low growing and mainly evergreen with masses of small flowers giving good carpets of ground-cover. Will grow almost anywhere that is dry, and is favourite in gaps in paving or rock gardens.

Tiarella - The Foam Flower. Member of the Saxifrage family with dense foliage and upright stems of dainty flowers - sometimes fluffy! Will grow most places where they have good shade or at least dappled shade.

Tolmiea - Pic-a-Back plant often grown well as a houseplant, but is quite hardy, but having little to boast about in the way of flowers. A very good ground cover with interesting attractive foliage.

Trachelium - The cushion forming T. asperuloides is the best one. Star-like blue flowers on dense clump of interesting foliage

Tradescantia - Not to be confused with the trailing houseplant types. The herbaceous perennial types have good flowering capabilities and grassy to lance-like foliage clumps. Good for dry areas and full sun, though have seen good in semi-shade. Tradescantia andersoniana.

Trifolium - Ornamental Clover. The various colours of the clover-like foliage are the main attraction, though they also flower as well - but not of real significance.

Trillium - Three petals per flower and three leaflets to make up the whole leaves. Some very interesting plants in this group, including our opening photo of the Trillium sessile.

Trollius - Globeflower - Basically large - sometimes double - buttercup flowers. Golden yellow for the most p[art, but also a few creams to choose from. Attractive foliage - again like the buttercups but showier!

Typha - Bulrush - If you have a pond or bog, and also have plenty of room, then the Bulrushes can be interesting. They all need damp or wet feet.

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