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Garden Plants and Flowers Beginning with the letter 'E'

This section of garden plants starting with the letter E, includes biennials, perennials, bulbs and shrubs, bedding plants, flowers.

 Eccremocarpos; Echeveria;

  • Echinacea - Sometimes still referred to as Rudbeckia. Good all round and long lasting perennial for border or bed use.


  • Edgeworthia - Very unusual winter flowering shrub. Claims of its fargance well over  rated (for me) but still a great sight in the winter garden.

; Echium;

  • Elaeagnus pungens Frederici - Great for late autumn scent and good colourful foliage. Different foliage markings to the more popular E P. Maculata. A matter of personal choice.

Echinacea the Cone flower Erythronium the Dogs Tooth Violet - Golden form
Echinacea Coneflower |  Erythronium Pagoda 


  • Elymus - Striking Blue grass for dry areas. Probably one of the best blue foliaged plants.

Embothrium; Enkianthus; Epilobium; Epimedium; Eranthemum;

  • Eranthis - The winter aconite is welcome for its persistence in flowering regardless of weather. Sometimes spoiled by really hard frost, but a little bit of overhead protection for shrubs will prevent this.


  • Erica carnea - Winter flowering Heathers are welcome in any garden and not too fussed about soil type - unlike the summer flowering  heathers. A good display in late winter through until Aoril. Some good foliage types also.

; Erigeron; Erinus; Eriobotrya; Eriostemon; Erodium; Eryngium; Erysimum; Erythrina;

  • Erythronium - Spectacular drifts of low growing winter flowering plants with a few colour choices. Well worth planting in sheler of woodland or overhanging deciduous shrubs.

; Escallonia;

Eucalyptus; Eucharis; Eucomis; Eucryphia;

  • Euonymus japonicus - Evergreen and a little bit ordinary - other than seaside planting usefulness and good hedging subject.

; Euphatorium;

  • Euphorbia - Such a wide choice of mainly yellow and gold flowers often with attractive foliage also.

Euryops; Eustomia; Exacum; Exochorda:

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