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Garden Plants and Flowers Beginning with the letter 'L'

This section of garden plants starting with the letter L, includes biennials, perennials, bulbs and shrubs, bedding plants, flowers..

Laburnocytisus +; Laburnum; Lachenalia; Lagerstroemia; Lagurus; Lamarkia; Lamium; Lampranthus; Lantana; Lapageria; Larix; Lathyrus; Laurus;

  • Lavandula All time favourite garden plant - ornamental, herbal and aromatherapy uses. Low growing and normally compact in habit makes it a useful and colourful ground cover shrub.

Lavatera; Ledum; Leiophyllum; Leonotis;

  • Leontopodium - the famed Edelweiss from 'Sound of Music' fame.

tree Mallow - Lavateria roseum  Fremch or Butterfly Lavender
Lavatera rosa Tree Mallow |  Lavandula stoechas - Papillon Lavender

Leptinella; Leptospermum; Lespedeza; Leucanthemum;

  • Leucojum - White flowered spring flowering garden bulb, often mistaken for being a snowdrop, as it is similar and likes similar conditions - but; it flowers in the summer - hence common name of summer snowpake.

Leucothoe; Lewisia; Leymus; Liatris; Libertia; Libocedrus; Ligularia; Ligustrum;

  • Lilac - Syringa Old fashioned and modern choice of large flowering shrub with scented, showy flowers.

Lilium; Limonium; Linanthus; Linaria; Lindera; Linnaea; Linum; Liquidamber; Liriodendron;

  • Liriope - Common name of Lilyturf so often confused as being an ornamental grass. Low growing and suited to a wide range of conditions.

; Lithodora; Lobelia; Lobularia; Lomandra;

; Lophospermum; Lotus;

Lunaria - Honesty

; Luzula; Lychnis; Lysichiton; Lysimachia; Lythrum; 


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